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Distressed Home Buyers

Fair Property Buyers is a small group of real estate professionals committed to helping people with their problem properties. We specialize in buying real estate for a fair, cash price – quickly and easily.


We specialize in helping distressed property owners who are facing personal or financial hardship. People are often faced with life challenges that mean they have to sell their property quickly, sometimes in less than ideal circumstances. We understand the difficulty in these situations and have made it our goal to have a positive impact on those we work with. We truly care about people and we stand by our name: Fair Property Buyers.


We purchase any and all kinds of properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, condos, duplex & four-plexes. While our specialty is in residential real estate we also purchase all manner of commercial properties of virtually any kind, from apartment complexes of all sizes, to trailer parks, office complexes, business parks, warehouses, and any form property or acreage.


We are real estate experts who solve real estate problems – whether they are personal, financial, or situational. We’ve been buying property across the country for over ten years, there’s nothing we haven’t seen! No situation is too difficult and no property is too far gone. Even if you’ve been told by other “professionals” that your situation is hopeless, we have the experience and resources to solve problems that others can’t.


We specialize in properties that have been deemed “unmarketable” because they have been damaged, neglected, condemned, or vandalized. Unlike the average home or business property buyer, we want the real estate that no one else wants. We have purchased and re-purposed properties ranging from $14,000 to over $1.5 million dollars. There is virtually no piece of property that we cannot or will not tackle – no matter how disastrous it may be.


Your Options When Selling a Home

  For Sale By Owner Realtor
Repairs Yes Yes No Repairs!
Inspections Yes Yes No Inspections!
House Showings Yes Yes No Showings!
Termite reporting Usually Yes No Termite Reporting!
Clean-up Usually Yes No Clean-up!
Yard “For Sale Sign” Usually Yes No Signs!
Appraisal needed Usually Always with loans No Appraisal!
Marketing Time 4.5+ months average 3+ months average No Marketing Time!
Commission 3% (buyer’s realtor) 6% No Commission!
Closing Costs You pay You pay No Closing Costs!
Funding Usually a loan Usually a loan $ CASH NOW $
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